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    Dog Guru provide an exceptional dog training solution tailored to you and your dog.

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    Quality Dog Training and Advice
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    Our Vision

    To always offer a reliable and advanced service to you. To give you the best and latest advice to ensure your dog’s happiness. We strive to be the best and maintain only a reputable and honest business.

    Our Vision
  • Values that we strive towards

    Our 5 Core Values

    At Dog Guru we have 5 core values that we like to strive towards constantly

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    Our 5 Core Values
  • Your dog is different

    Our Methods

    Dogs react in different ways to dog training and techniques which is why we offer different methods for similar problems.

    Our Methods
    Our Methods

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What Our Clients Say

  • “Desmond was a one-year old SPCA refuge when we went to Dog Guru classes. Many thanks to the Dog Guru team who had patience with him and me for the stress free sessions that provided a good platform of easy commands and techniques for on-going training. Desmond is a different dog (with apologies to all who encountered him beforehand).”

    Lisa Finucane

  • “I think you should rename this training ‘Real World Training for Owners’. Although Bazil learnt heaps, I think I gained the most by just learning to trust what he’d learnt and have the confidence in being able to control him off the leash. He basically goes everywhere with us now and he just loves the company. He is so good with Mum, you would have noticed, she has dementia and she even finds him easier to control.”

    Amanda & Bazil

  • “Just want to express our heartfelt ‘thank-you’ for our top knotch session today. She is an awesome teacher: very patient, knowledgeable, passionate and understanding. I know we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we will do our homework. Thank you!”

    Malia Aloha

  • “Our two dogs were fighting over food and one of them was showing dominance towards the other dog and us. We were worried we would have to give one away so we called in Dog Guru. They taught us how to handle the issue and quickly got to the solution which was easy to follow. It also had some other positives we were not expecting like our dominant dog is now a lot more relaxed and has become affectionate whereas before she was aloof. We would say that Dog Guru are brilliant”.

    Glenn Wright, owner of Molly and Ellie

  • “Going to the beach was fun. For us, I think we have had real benefits in learning about dog behaviour outdoors – like getting Diesel to stop running-up to people, how to encourage kids confidence around him etc and how we can train Diesel to be acceptable by the public out in public places.”

    Asher Lucas

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