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What experience do you offer?

Dog Guru is privately owned by Simon Goodall, a behaviourist and trainer recommended and consulted with across New Zealand, and occasionally overseas including in Denver, Texas and Australia.With thousands of dogs trained through Dog Guru you can be assured of excellent service. In addition to this all our staff are trained internally and most have a canine qualification but our in house training system is world class and is done both online and personally with Simon and more experienced staff. Many of our staff attend conferences around the world and have answers to your questions. If they are unable to answer questions there are many more staff they can ask for advice if required.

Are you a Franchise?

No. We are aware of how important your dog is to you hence our high qualifying standards to become a dog trainer in our company. Our company is not a franchise and all staff are employed by Dog Guru and we have no contracted staff meaning all the staff members are trained only in Dog Guru methods. All of our staff have a qualification and experience in dog training.

Why are many of your training classes outside?

We found when we ran our classes inside halls, the halls would not only echo but we had a number of dogs that panicked on the floors as they were not used to the surfaces. This started to create stress in the dog and made for a stressful learning environment. As our focus is on positive training many of our areas in local parks. In addition to this we found that people commented the dog would not listen once outside, so we taught the dog outside the halls, making for a greater success. During the winter months when necessary we may move inside.

How many dogs would you have in a class?

Almost always your class will only have between 3-8 dogs. Occasionally, for a full class we may allow an extra small dog in the class, but almost always your class will only have between 4-8 dogs at a time. We have found this to be a great number for you to learn and to ensure your dog listens while still having fun.

Do you have classes after beginners?

Our training classes do not just finish at beginners level.  We like to continue training with you and see your dog develop more skills and our classes are from Beginners you move on to Intermediate, which your dog is off lead.  The next after that is Advanced in which you use hand signals more than talking to get your dog paying attention to you even better.  After that you have Masters class in which you should end up with a very well behaved dog.  They enjoy learning new things and it should be lots of fun for you and your dogs.

What if it rains when my class is on?

Your dog will still need to listen in the rain, so unless there are extreme weather conditions the class will go ahead.  If it is thunder, lightening or snowing the trainer will be in touch with you and postpone to another date.

I have paid for a class what happens now?

If you have received your receipt from PayPal we would have booked you in for your classes, which is done automatically. The week of the class someone will be in touch via email.

I don’t have a credit card, how do I book for classes?

Just use our contact page and get in touch with us with what class you are after and we can book you in straight away.

What advice do you offer?

If you have a problem and there is a dog involved we can help. Whether it is simply pulling on the lead or more towards aggressive behaviour we have a service to help you.

What experience do you staff offer?

All of our staff come from varied backgrounds, whether it is as a dog trainer, dog handler, groomer, zoo keeper or animal control. All our staff are fully trained up in our methods and must undertake our in house mentoring programme which is both personal and online. These mentoring sessions and online training are a first in the world for a dog training company to adopt and We have very high standards for all our trainers, with a minimum of an 85% pass required to move up in the company. This ensures that you as the dog owner are getting only the best and consistent advice. We have over 150 years combined experience.

Do you come to my house?

Yes we are able to come to your house. This allows us to see the environment in which the dog lives and see their usual routines and make any changes as required.

What training styles do you offer?

We use almost all positive reinforcement. Many people think that this is just bribing but it is just to start training your dog with the idea to get the dog listening to you and not being forced into certain positions. This is also important when dealing with aggressive dogs and dogs with separation anxiety. Remember all our techniques are based on research and experience.

I am not sure what service I would need?

This is fine. Just give us a call or email as there are many options to choose from and we will make sure you get only the best service. Let us know your problems and we can work from there.

What times do you come around for the dog training or behaviour consultations?

Dog Guru is a full time business with many staff working Tuesday to Sundays. Where possible we like to have Mondays off after working all weekend.

Why are behaviour consultations so expensive?

We believe you get what you pay for. In the fee are included services, petrol, staff costs and any other costs involved. In addition to this you are also getting one of NZ’s top dog training and behaviour companies. Many other people may claim to be behaviourists, but have a look at their experience first.

How many dogs have you trained?

We have trained thousands of dogs over the years and as yet there is no breed we have not trained in New Zealand.

Why choose Dog Guru?

We are aware there are many people calling themselves behaviourists out there. We are also aware they do not have the same experience, qualifications or memberships that we have, for the main reason they do not have the experience of qualifications required. You can be assured that if you choose us you will be getting only the best there is. With published articles, seminars to the academic world and thousands of happy customers, we are sure you will leave happy.

I think our dog is showing dominance, what can I do?

Dominance is the current token word at present in dog training and I am one of the few trainers that knows a lot about it. Often problems are not due to dominance issues, and doing exercises like allowing the dog to eat after you, walking in doors after you and more can still create a dog with dominance issues. We use methods that are backed up by research worldwide and by behaviourists worldwide. When you need only the best answers, choose us.

What areas do you cover?

We now cover most of New Zealand. Check out our location page to find out. We can cover other areas by arrangement. We run our classes the same across the country and you can be assured of only the best training advice and classes possible.

Can I pay over a couple of weeks?

Unfortunately not. However please remember we have credit card facilities either online or when we send you the invoice.

I am out of your coverage area can I still see you?

Depending on where you live we may be able to come to you. Just contact us for pricing.

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