7 June 2016
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One of the most common questions we get asked is how did my lovely dog who is full of life start to become aggressive towards other dogs?

This is a very good question. Last year we worked with and rehabilitated over 500 dogs. Looking at the stats is remarkable. 95% of these dogs were between 3-4 years of age. Why? It is simply when the aggression gets worse. So let’s look at why this happens.

Dogs age

It is important to remember that your dog will not always be a bundle of fluff. At about 12 months they enjoy playing with their old mates but just like people when they hit their 20’s find it harder to make new friends. In addition to this your dog is also really focused on you instead of playing with other dogs. What starts to happen at about 18 months is they give tiny cues that they are not interested. This may be walking away, looking at you more, playing with their ball or avoiding the other dogs. This is seen by us as nothing to be concerned about and we keep going to the dog park every day even though our dogs do not like it all the time.

By the time they hit 2 years they have had enough and may growl or snap at another dog. Over a year we tell the dog off for this and they then think they can’t growl so the next best thing is to bite them. This is when we get called.


Now you may think this is pie in the sky stuff. But think to yourself why are our stats as they are and why in the US are 97% of major dog bites between 3-4 years of age.


What you can do

Your dog will love playing with dogs but the worse thing you can do in a dog park is just stand around and let your dog go for it. This is crazy and creates an environment of protection and territorial guarding. Your dogs can still have fun but then move on and carry on with your walk.



The stats looking back on the past year there has not been a breed not represented. All breeds have the tendency to become a little intolerant but that does not mean your dog will be one of them. Vigilance is the key and just enjoying your walks.

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