19 September 2012
General Training
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Well we have had 3 chickens for a week or so now. My children have named them Daisy, Maisy and Cassie. All very exciting and they certainly have their own personalities. My dogs have been well stock trained so pretty much ignore them but love eating their poo but that is another story entirely. In the first few days I quickly worked out that getting them back into their coop in the evening was going to be difficult as I chased them around the yard and the section and did not have much luck chasing them. Also came to the conclusion that the less stressed they were the better so chasing them was not going to work. So I thought how hard can it be to teach chickens? So I started down the road of teaching the 3 chickens to come when called. Just like dog training said come when they were looking at me and then threw some food by my feet then stood back. They proceeded to come cautiously and started to peck away at the food. I repeated a number of times so that every time I said “chook chook come” I gave them food always making sure I did not say the words until they were looking. Well after a few days I then started calling them even when I could not see them. They soon came running having associated the word with the food. The last 3 nights to put them away I simply call them and put some food in the coop and they come running from wherever they are and go in for their evening food. Saves me time and of course saves the chickens from stress as they chill out for the evening. So if you have chooks give it a whirl and see how you get on.

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