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New Plymouth Dog Training

Our  New Plymouth Dog Training classes are in around Hickford Park. Our New Plymouth Dog Training Classes are held over 5 weeks you can be assured of a well behaved dog at the end of the training. You can see all our class dates by clicking here. If you are after private dog training then please contact us.

Our New Plymouth Dog Training Classes have both beginner, intermediate and advanced dog training classes. Each level builds on the other level and makes for a perfect dog and are usually held on a Saturday morning.

Our Beginner Dog Training Classes are designed for the first step of your dog training journey. If you have done puppy classes this is an extension on these classes but is also ideal if you have not done any training as yet. The New Plymouth Beginner Dog Training Classes focus on walking nicely on the lead, not jumping on guests and starting to come when called. All the family is welcome to join. Check out the dates here

Our New Plymouth Intermediate Dog Training Classes are designed for off leash control. For example we teach you how to control your dog with your voice and some hand signals only. We still use treats but are not as frequent. Our intermediate classes are the next step from beginners class and are highly recommended. Check out the dates here

Our New Plymouth Advanced Dog Training Classes are generally by invite only and you have to have passed the intermediate class. Our advanced dog training classes are using hand signals only and are small class sizes and so much fun! In your Hamilton Advanced Dog Training Classes you may only have 3 in the class but if you graduate these classes you will have the best behaved dog in the park. Check out the dates here

If classes are not suitable as your dog may be too aggressive or have just one or two issues we also offer private dog training. This can be done at a time suitable for you and your family. You can enquire about this service here.


Meet Your Dog Trainer


Megan Moss is your local New Plymouth Dog Trainer. With a background and experience in Vet Nursing Megan has been with Dog Guru for a number of years and brings some fun into your dog training experience.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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