Dog Training Classes

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All our dog training classes are 5 weeks duration held in real world parks enabling better long term success for you and your dog. All our classes have a maximum of 8 dogs to a class making it easier for your trainer to interact with you and are for any dog that is fully vaccinated. Unfortunately aggressive dogs are not permitted on our courses but we can help you in that area with private training.

Every class you will learn 3 new commands ranging from your basic sit to coming when called and walking on the lead. Our classes have the outcome of being able to walk your dog on the lead, take it off the lead in the park and stop jumping all over your guests.

We have three levels of classes with the beginners class being the first and then moving to intermediate and advanced (invite only for the advanced).

If you would like to learn more either contact us or if you are ready head to our class dates page and see when we will have classes in your area.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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