Letting go of the lead for the first time

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12 September 2012
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Have you yet to have that “dreaded” moment where you are walking with your dog, have done lots of training with getting your dog to come but it has always been on a long line or in the back yard. You are now in the park and the time has come for you to unclip the long line and let them be free. But when we are getting our dog to come back how to we make that big jump? First off don’t panic. Many dogs will come back to you, just relax and walk off in the opposite direction. Next make sure if you have been doing reward based training you have something better than what is out there. Yes on the long line you may have got the dog to come back with a liver treat but when they are off lead are they really going to back or do you need something absolutely top notch! Next let your dog enjoy itself. The first time people let the dog off lead they panic and want to constantly call the dog back. Do you need to or can they have a bit of fun first? If you are at the stage have fun and remember RELAX!

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