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Dog Guru recognises that your dog is different to other dogs and may react in different ways to dog training and techniques

Which is why we offer different methods for similar problems. For example we have 10 different ways to make your dog not pull on a lead. This means that the technique that we give you may be different to the next dog we train.

Our dog training can only be described as humane and positive dog training. We don’t rely on choker chains, shock collars or “alpha” techniques such as rolling, hitting, throwing stones or lifting the dog. We don’t use these techniques simply because we believe there are better techniques out there that are easier to manage and work with.

We use mostly positive training which is using either food rewards, toy rewards or praise. However, we also like to use voice control where your dog will listen to you just because you told it to.

Many trainers believe that using positive techniques will take away your ability to be the “pack leader”. However with years of experience and nearly 100 years of combined experience amongst all the staff, we can show you how to use positive techniques effectively.

If in doubt give us a call and have a chat about how we can help you.

We are happy to discuss our dog training tips and methods and why we believe Dog Guru can help you.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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