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17 June 2017
Puppy Training
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Preventing Puppies Chewing

Do you have a new puppy that is just constantly chewing? Is it driving you slightly insane? You will be pleased to hear that every puppy does it and there are a few tips to prevent the chewing.

Removing Items

Puppies like to chew anything that is left lying around whether it is a slipper or a book. One of the best ways to help with the chewing is to remove all the items they could chew and replace them with things they can destroy.

Understanding Chewing

Chewing puppies enjoy the chewing but is often when they are teething. This process can last up to 9 months of age, they are not being naturally naughty they are just doing what is natural.

Telling Them Off

You can tell your puppy off for chewing, a simple “stop” followed by removing them and then giving them an item they can chew is an excellent way for them to learn.

Chew Toys

Find something they can chew and you will be away and rotate the chew toys so they have something different. Items like pigs ears work great.

Good Luck

Written By Simon Goodall Dog Trainer for Manukau and Pukekohe



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