Behaviour Modification

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Here at Dog Guru we know there are many dogs that need a bit of work on more intense behaviour problems. For this reason in our company we have specialised dog behaviour experts that have undergone intense training to identify everything they need to know about dog behaviour issues. If your dog has some major issues such as aggression or separation anxiety we can definitely help you. Have a look below at what we can offer you.

Behaviour Packages are for more serious issues of dog behaviour such as aggression towards people or towards other dogs, either strange dogs or other littermates.

A one off Behaviour consultations also cover separation anxiety and other abnormal dog behaviour that can be related to learning or genetics. This is $280 and is recommended for separation anxiety

Behaviour Consultation in Home

This service is at your house and can look at territorial aggression, marking, dominance aggression, separation anxiety and any other problem you may have.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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