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Each of our packages has been designed to get the most value and expertise together. We offer both Training Packages and Behaviour Packages depending on your requirements

Training Packages

These packages are for just general dog training and not for any aggression issues or other major behavioural issues. If you would like to see the behaviour packages simply scroll down the screen.

Gold Dog Training Package

This package is ideal for the new dog owner whether it is a puppy or a rescue dog. This package keeps you working with Dog Guru for a few months where we can help you through every step of the way as your puppy matures.

This package is for 4 private lessons, one 5 week beginners class and one 5 week intermediate class. There is no time limit for the classes and the private lessons meaning you can spread them out as much as you wish. We often recommend 2-3 weeks apart for the private lessons. We can work the private lessons around your schedule giving you the ability to get the whole family together where you can ensure you are all doing the same training.

Price: $750 (saving $190)

Silver Dog Training Package

This package is perfect for the person that wants a little bit of private dog training combined with the classes. This package has two private dog training sessions and then a 5 week beginners and 5 week intermedite dog training class in any of our areas. This is ideal for a first time dog owner that needs a bit of support before they are able to enter into a dog training class either because they are a few weeks away or the new dog is not fully vaccinated and the initial training needs to be done at home.

Price: $500 (saving $120)

Bronze Dog Training Package

If you don’t want to commit to 10 weeks of classes then the bronze dog training package is for you. This package is for 2 private dog in home training sessions and a 5 week beginners class. This is perfect if you would like to attend classes for the basic socialisation and making sure your dog listens but also wanting to do in home training to ensure everyone listens at home. We recommend 2 weeks in between the private in home dog training sessions.

Price: $399 (saving $71)

Aggressive Behaviour Packages

Gold Stop Dog Aggression Behaviour Package

Our Gold package is perfect for someone who wants the help and assistance for each step to ensure they stay on track and don’t deviate from the plan. When working with an aggressive dog, as the owner it can be stressful so we help you along your journey till the end.  We work with you on working on an achievable goal whether it is not barking at every dog or not showing aggression with other dogs.

This package involves

-2 Hour in home visit where we spend the first 15 minutes sitting down and getting to understand you and your dog and your goals. We then set about working on the problem and teaching you how to work with your dog

-3 further sessions to work on the problem and help you achieve your overall goal

During these sessions we help give you the confidence that you can make it and we can achieve your overall goal with your dog. We work with the whole family as needed and is one of our most common packages

Price: $650

Silver Behaviour Package

This package is if you need a little bit of help but think you just need someone assisting in a few of the steps and giving you the confidence you need. This package is for a 2 hour in home session as in the gold package and then 2 one hour follow up sessions.

Price: $550

Bronze Behaviour Package

Our bronze behaviour package is perfect if you are quite confident but just need an extra follow up so you have a trainer to stay accountable to. This service is for a 2 hour in home session followed by one 1 hour follow up session.

Price: $400

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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